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The following was kindly lifted of eonline.com from the section of 'Watch with Kristin'. The bold print is of course my thoughts.. which are the most important part because I'm amazing.:

Bridget in Peabody, Mass.: Any Heroes stuff? I am dying to know what happens, and I can't wait until it comes back in the fall!
Claire is not the only character on the show who is adopted. And the next adoption twist is perhaps my favorite twist ever on this show. You know how sometimes those silly promo guys say things like "It will change everything?" Well this one actually will.
*If its Peter and then he and Claire get all flirty I'm either going to puke or cum.

Patrick in Melbourne, Australia: I'm really desperate for some Heroes news. Any news on any characters like Monica and West?
Monica will definitely be back, as will "Nana Dawson," aka the legendary Nichelle Nichols. However, in the first few eps, our time with them in New Orleans will be centered around their relationship with Micah. As for West (Nicholas D'Agosto), I couldn't swear to it in a court of law, but I'm fairly sure he's gone, at least for the time being.
*Oh who really cares about West and Monica? Monica has a cool power and all but c'mon guys... And West?? Hes 40, looks 30, acts 12. Okay lies.

Rebecca in Detroit: Kristin, you will be my hero if you give us some One Tree Hill scoop! I specifically want to know whom Lucas chooses.
News flash: It has been decided! I can't say exactly who, sorry, because that is a huge reveal, and Mark Schwan would promptly open a can of whup-ass on me, but I can tell you the script has been written, and I think many of you will be happy. (I am.) In other news, Nanny Carrie is back! And so is Brooke's mom! God help us all. If Nanny See You Next Tuesday so much as touches a hair on Nathan, Haley or Jamie's heads, I will fly right out to N.C. and snap her in two.
*please be Peyton... girl needs some loving even though Chad is a major is Douchbaggary.

Jessica in Chicago: What are the chances of this Weeds spinoff actually happening?
According to Jenji Kohan, she has a plan for at least the rest of this season and a fifth season of Weeds, and then she would take some time to look at setting up a spinoff. She said of the Conrad-centric sleek/fake reality-show idea, specifically, "It would be a matter of getting someone to buy it, and getting those actors on board and all that stuff."
*Fingers crossed here. Conrad aka Romany Malco aka Hott Mother Fucker is my favorite but theres a little voice screaming that I loved him up close and personal with Nancy... guess I'll have to get over that.

Robyn in Pittsburgh: It's been forever since you've scooped Pushing Daisies. Anything new with the show?
We're going to meet baby Olive! Pushing Daisies is currently casting for a young Olive Snook, and in flashback scenes in episode three, we'll also meet her negligent parents. Yay! (Not yay for negligent parents, just yay for adorable baby Olive.)
*Aww that is mega cute. Most of you people dont know the cuteness that is Pushing Daisies. I hope new mini Olive sings!! AW!!

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