Celtics Parade... Kobe who?

The following are pics from the Celtics parade... so much love for them.

Ray Allen being the man... What shoting slump?

Scott Pollard love

I fucking love this man.

Pierce looks worse because my camera phone sucks but hes still the mother fucking truth!!

Sooo Boston is really transitioning well into being a title town. Patriots near perfection, Red Sox are just masterful, Bruins arent #1 but they are very likable and are fighters, and now the Celtics are back and in command. Bless Defense.
The Boston Celtics put up banner #17 and everyone goes insane. I have to admit Bostonians jump on band wagons mighty quick... but whats truely wrong there? Would people rather the public constantly not caring rather than giving a shit when its worth it?
UGh - But thats an arguement for another day. Today we celebrate (more). I watched some parade from the building where i work hense that some of the pictures have my reflection... Overall it was mad short but very nice. Everyone did in fact look happy, especially Paul Pierce who carried his MVP trophy in one hand and a cigar in the other. Ray was standing tall above most others feeding into the crown and jeering with them. Scott Pollard held what I assume is a child of his or a friends and pumped his fist with the crowd. KG looked proud holding the trophy... you can tell he legitmately means everything he says and believes it. (Top of the world wooo). Big Baby was dancing and seemingly singing with the no shirt on... and Im not kidding. Very satisfying. These boys love it and so does Boston.

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