The following is a spoiler for Heroes season two:

Question: Heroes resumes production this week, so it only seems fair
that you give us some scoop.— Janine
Ausiello: I caught up with Hayden
Panettiere at last Thursday's Entourage premiere and she revealed that the
episode picks up four months after the finale. "A lot of things
happened [during
those four months] that people don't know about," she
teased. "A lot of things
changed and people will be like, 'Whoa!'" Hayden
also hinted that someone did
not survive the season-ending bloodbath, but
check this out: NBC is holding a
Heroes press conference tomorrow on the
show's set, and all primary cast members
will be present and accounted for.
That includes Santiago Cabrera, Jack Coleman,
Greg Grunberg, Ali Larter,
Masi Oka, Hayden Panettiere, Adrian Pasdar, Zachary
Quinto, Sendhil
Ramamurthy, Leonard Roberts and Milo Ventimiglia. Hey, wait a
second —
someone is missing from that list!

Who is missing? I only spy Tawny (Simone) and Ando's names missing... BUT Tawny is already passed (Isnt she?). And Ando wasnt hurt at all (Last we saw atleast). BUT i did notice Issac's name still present. Am i just too stupid today to understand? Ugh. I dont know what to think.


Rob Thomas is a Whore

In a very good way!!

The following is from Kristin Veitch from the E network:

Unless you've been living under a rock recently, you've probably heard that
Veronica Mars—at least in its TV version—is officially dead. The CW has
not to pick it up for a fourth season.
But I have a shining,
bedazzly silver
lining for you fans: Miss Mars' story may live on as a comic
book or as a
feature film (we'll get to that). And, breaking news! VM
mastermind Rob Thomas
has just confirmed to me exclusively that he's
stepping in as executive producer
of the new comedy Miss/Guided, so we'll
still get to see his work on the small
screen this coming TV season. Hurrah!
"I'm the new show runner on
Miss/Guided, the Judy Greer half-hour
midseason for ABC," Rob tells me. "Judy
plays a high school counselor who
has returned to the high school she attended
as a student. It was created by
a talented first-year Office writer named
Caroline Williams."
As I
mentioned in my liveblog from ABC's upfront
presentation in New York,
Miss/Guided looks to be adorable, witty and funny, and
I can only imagine
that with Thomas on board, it will become an instant fave
among us VM fans.
As for Veronica Mars, Thomas tells me: "I think the best
odds for seeing
the continuation of the Veronica Mars story is in comic-book
form. I had a
meeting with DC Comics last week. They want to do the series. I
want to do
the series. It's just a matter of making a deal and figuring out when
I have
the time to write it. And perhaps a feature screenplay will follow."
oh please oh please?
Anyway, congrats, R.T.! Or actually, I
probably be congratulating ABC instead. They've just inherited one of the
finest TV-makin' minds of all time.



The wikipedia def of fanfiction is: Fan fiction (also commonly spelled as fanfiction and frequently abbreviated to fanfic or occasionally just FF or fic) is a broadly-defined term for fiction about characters or settings written by fans of the original work, rather than by the original creators. Fan fiction usually describes works which are uncommissioned by the owner of the work, and usually (but not always) works which are not professionally published. Fan fiction is defined against original fiction, which exists with its own discrete universe, and against canon works within the universe. Most fan fiction writers assume that their readers have knowledge of the canon universe in which their works are based.
I write/read it for pure entertainment value. I have my own favorite ships. I dive deep into canon relationships as well as the fanon anti-relationships. Fandom is a confusing place for us all though, as we pledge our love for characters and details theories in plotlines...
Here is the door to my fandom...
I want to judged.
I want to be critizied.
Here is the link to my FF. This is where i try to make Gilmore Girls tolerable considering the shows apparent decline within the last few years.
Grateful for the Gilmore Girls cancellation,

In reference to illegal activity

In light of recent observations i have discovered that i am... crazy. The upside of this is my mind is a very interesting place. I'd like to invite people into my little world. This blog is being started for the following reasons:
  • To organize my online activities.
  • To share my online adventures.
  • Organize my own mind.
  • Boredom tastes bad.
  • Fanfiction is underrated.
  • Message boards make me hate people.
  • Rednecks fucking bother me.
  • Bush angers me.
  • Live journal has become nothing but nonsence.
  • Myspace can only do so much to cure boredom.
  • Teen angst isnt always so... "Teenage" but isn't that trendy now?
  • Spoilers!
  • Television in general needs elaboration.

Women are forced to view the world through a funhouse mirror at all times. This blog is to ensure I don't lose touch with what i believe while trying to communicate exactly what is so hard for me to say nowadays.

Thank you and enjoy.