In reference to illegal activity

In light of recent observations i have discovered that i am... crazy. The upside of this is my mind is a very interesting place. I'd like to invite people into my little world. This blog is being started for the following reasons:
  • To organize my online activities.
  • To share my online adventures.
  • Organize my own mind.
  • Boredom tastes bad.
  • Fanfiction is underrated.
  • Message boards make me hate people.
  • Rednecks fucking bother me.
  • Bush angers me.
  • Live journal has become nothing but nonsence.
  • Myspace can only do so much to cure boredom.
  • Teen angst isnt always so... "Teenage" but isn't that trendy now?
  • Spoilers!
  • Television in general needs elaboration.

Women are forced to view the world through a funhouse mirror at all times. This blog is to ensure I don't lose touch with what i believe while trying to communicate exactly what is so hard for me to say nowadays.

Thank you and enjoy.

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