Weevil and Ronnie get superpowers....

Thanks for WATCH WITH KRISTIN for the following scoop:
Sources confirm that Francis Capra has been cast on Heroes. I've also exclusively learned that Veronica and Weevil—I mean, Elle and Jesse, do share at least one scene. Francis Capra and Kristen Bell together again? Thats the kind of information that makes me tingle all over. I was a diehard (still am) Epic LoVe fan but the other
Sources are saying Francis is doing a three-episode guest arc as villain Jesse Murphy, a thug who runs with a gang of two-bit criminals. I'm also hearing hes more than some meathead... <33333 WEEEVIL WITH POWERS?!?! How awesome does that sound?

Also Heroes in general is looking brighter season 3. Bennets and Petrellis are main centers still... good no more central america twins with a soft plotline and very little interest!! I'm also hearing news of shocking alliances and an appearence of a long lsot relative... My guess is Meredith... Claires pyro greedy trailer trash mom. Also hearing Claire is going to "blow someone away"... and it will be unexpected. Sylar is also getting a hold of someone elses brain and we're going to see exactly what he does concerning his CRAVING FOR BRAINS. Excitement! Awe! Heroes!

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