Katy Perry Love

Katy Perry is cute, fun, entertaining, and downright hot. Her music isnt trickery or overly awesome but most tracks are highly addictive and smell like cotton candy. Her album, One Of The Boys, came out recently and is completely worth it. Also she is romantically linked to Travie McCoy aka Gym Class Heroes Hotness. That man is pretty. So jealous, yet so into both of them.

Katy not only gets my awesoe approval, a hot boyfriend, and Perez Hilton crushing her but Madonna totally namedropped her after saying on a radio show that one of her new favorite songs was Katy Perrys "Ur So Gay". How swell. Apparently the recipe for extreme radio play and buzz all around. YAY for Katy.

Here is her covering The Outfields "Your Love" which is sweet but not included on her Album.

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