One TRee Hill - What Comes After the Blues **spoilers**

One Tree Hill "What comes after the Blues" Recapish and commentary.... AHH

Does OTH make anyone else want to hurt, spit at, or kill fictional characters? What about the CW promos in general?? You can advertise an episode with the one of its season ending cliffhangers. Ugh Fucking oth.
HOW MANY TIMES CAN YOU END A SEASON WITH DAN *maybe* BEING DEAD? Whatev.... I actually love Dan now. He got me a little nervous with whole 'might kill a priest' thing but overall hes still one of the most witty interesting characters ever. Hes the villain even when hes screaming redemption. Not many TV characters can kill a lovable character related to them and still be overall appreciated. DAN!love
Lucas however need a swift hard jab to the back of the head with a hammer or swallow a flamethrower. I love how when Lucas is sad he just really drunk, hangs out with a dog(??), and gets a Mohawk. Isn't that what some people do when they are perfectly content with life? Fuckkk. Stupid Lucas loving too much or maybe its too little? Whatever Chad Michael Murray is hott... but a master at douchebaggary. Lucas is just a tool who need to swallow his own novels and take a bath in acid.
PEYTON... P Sawyer... My love. Your as gorgeous as ever but why is holy hell is this show turning you into a doormat? I want whatever your character wants (so Lucas I guess) but in all honestly doesn't she have anymore respect for herself. Her dramatic artistic basketball court love proclamation is sooo Peyton though. She is a fucking comet... an awesome one at that and if Lucas cant put that together I'll eat my television. I wish you were hooking up with Skillz instead of Deb. (WEIRD!) Sooo are we in agreement that the mysterious guy who knew Ellie is his bio-dad? Is he gonna come into her life and then die or leave dramatically too? GREAT! Poor Peyton... and to top it off she loves a tool.
Congrats NALEY for surviving this season intact and seemingly in love and happy again and congrats on not killing or losing Jamie the smartest cutest and most annoying little boy ever. Haley I still hate you but at least you weren't this elitist bitch in the finale like you seemed to be earlier this season. I love you for trying to help Peyton out instead of ignoring her pain and kissing Lucas's booboos better. You did sing during it though which makes my skin hurt. Nathan your still hot and its still steamy and fun to see you bring it to the rim....<33>
Brooke I hope Lucas isnt calling you because I dont think you would survive another Lucas betrayal. Plus you preach love for Peyton and if that happened her would fly out her mouth and burst into thousands of jaded peices. Brooke congrats on being one of the few TV characters that I dislike.... and doing a completely 360 and becoming so sweet to watch. Oh and props to Sophia Bush for acting with a fake baby beautifully.
Ugh I love Cliffhangers they make me feisty। I'll miss you Tree Hill and all the pointless drama you bring, but so help me if Lucas marries Lindsey or Brooke I'll walk to NC and kill little jamie.
Always and forever and murderous,

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