No Place Like Home * Spoilers for LOST finale

Black versus White. Good versus Evil. Light versus Dark. Science versus Fate. Season 4, Lost finale offically aired last night and I'm still having trouble NOT thinking about it constantly. There were so many small lines dropped last night that had me on my toes, not to mention the actual quality finale. I know some people had issues with the FROZEN DONKEY WHEEL... but I just thought it was brilliant. Ofcourse there are still tens of millions of questions to be asked but you cannot deny that season 4 has answered quite a lot of our questions in actuality. Now lets play the REMEMBER THAT game instead of hardcore recapping because I def cannot do that without my head exploding right now.

Jack VS Locke. Our man of science and medicine versus our man of faith. Jack, was a whiner in recent past but this season has earned back at the least SOME love. Locke however is the man, I dont care who you are and what you say I will always believe that. While our two very different leaders had a "leadership discussion" as Hurley said, Sawyer got most of my love sitting in the shadows eating 15 year old saltines with Hurley. Sawyer is my man here... I mean out of everyone on the island he has suddenly become the most giving, loyal, loving one. Now thats insane isnt it? Remember Sawyer bribing Kate to kiss him back in season one by taking (but not really taking) Shannons inhalers? Shannon doesnt need them anymore anyway :)

Kate And Sayid are another two people who have always trusted one another and helped one another with so few words. They have one of the cleanest and truest friendships on the Island that never really gets mentioned. They might not hug (a lot) and make friendship bracelets but they both really make a kickass fighting team. Speaking of kicking ass... Sayid VS Keamy! Anyone else feel like they should have had to pay money to see that showdown? Guns, Muscles, and Knifes to the back oh my!! Also when Kate pretended to be being chased by the others and was kneeling next to Ben all I could think about was when he had her dressed up and in handcuffs on the beach drinking coffee and eating breakfast.... Oh Benjamin Linus...

BEN!So? That snake eyed short evil bastard who I just cant help but LOVVVE. I'm going to admit. I love Villians and he is one of the best. I love how he barely reacts to Jacks gun in his face when he enters the Orchid station. He behaves like him and Locke are indeed old friends and hes just taking him to see a photo album instead of GETTING READY TO MOVE THE FUCKING ISLAND. Keamy of course shows up agian (body armor beast should be his name)and explains what the dohickey on his arm actually is... a heart monitor connected to the.. oh holy shit the freighter IS going to blow up. Because I dont care how tough Keamy is... Ben wants to open up his skelton and eat his bone marrow... or something that extreme. Basically Ben stabs him repeatedly in the neck in the name of emotions and Alex his not-really daughter daughter. Locke of course is all "BUT MY FRIENDS / INNOCENTS" and Ben was all "So?". SO? One of the best deliverys of any peice of dialogue EVER.

Charlotte... The girl I dont really care about is suddenly someone I NEED to care about. I originally was VERY interested in Miles our peanut stealing fucking psychic or whatever. Daniel was interesting and likable and after "The Constant" I knew I liked having his around. Charlotte was untrustworthy, and kind of a bitch and not a good one in my eyes. But with her decision to stay on the island... Miles saying she has been "trying to get back" there and her telling Daniel "Would it make sense if I told you I was still looking for where I was born?" for example. Now I just need to know more. Also Daniel leaves the island seemingly for the last time leaving Juliet with the cheesiest heavenly smile on her face... Right then is when I realized I believe Juliet and feel so bad for her. Thank God she didnt go and get herself blown up on the frieghter but now she feels ten times more alone than before.

Sun Screaming! Sun, our pregnant beauty loses Jin and even though I knew it was coming (even thought he might not even be dead) and goes on to become one of my new favorite characters. Her strength is so thick I have to urge to hug my television set. Buying out her fathers companys, and straight talking Widmore. Sun is a queen bee and I love me a fucking queen bee.

KISSKISS. Way to go Sawyer. He totally plants one of Kate before once agian self-sacrificing! Oh my heart twists and turns for him... or it could jsut be for the sight of him rising out of the ocean shirtless and wet. AND Desmond and Penny!! As soon as I started to try to decipher what language they speaking on the boat I heard 'ms widmore' and I nearly lost it. The kisses and love were too pretty to not be real... damn show making me think its real.

WWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLTTTTTTTTTT is so tall and deep voiced but its okay because it is Walt and when Walt is around stuff happens. Malcom David Kelly is awesome just for basically growing on this show without really being in front of our eyes. Hurley must have felt at least alittle special to get a visitor who is Jack the negative Nancy or Sayid the scary or someone who is DEAD. How aobut that Hurley isnt just seeing Charlie.. hes totally playing chess with Mr. Eko. Thats bomb. Thats better than bomb.

Jack the beared junkie who apparently listens to The Pixies went back to our funaral home from last years finale and we see who is indeed inside. They refer to them as Jeremy Bentham the entire episode but we are hinted that it is an alias and not his real name. Ben of course shows up because thats what mice with evil eyes do. They show up in dark funeral homes and call people like Jack "Dark" haha. Apparently Ben has a few ideas to get Jack back on the island BUT he must go with everyone he left with... which is going to take all of next season probably. BTW Jeremy Bentham is.... FUCKING LOCKE? wait what? How? Yah I know I'm still coming up with half-assed theories about that as well.

BONUS FUN During the airing of Part 3, a commercial for Octagon Global Recruiting aired. This organization is looking for applicants for the DHARMA Initiative. Their recruitment drive begins in San Diego on July 24th - 27th, 2008. This is the same date as ComicCon '08. Go here to check out the website and commerical agian. So fun. I love when they do shit like that. Also Kates future phone call by the way is backward and as I found out this morning its a voice (sounds like Christian Shepard IMO) saying "The island needs you. You have to go back before its too late". CHILLS. Then a kind of pregnant looking Claire visits in a dream with a warning on "Not bring him" to the island but whether that is Aaron or someone else is still up in the air to me. Two alternate endings were also shot with Sawyer and Desmond in the coffin. Those can be found online probably in general.

WELL this is was fun... for me and me alone.
Love the most dedicated stacker ever

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Johnny Boston said...

By far the best season since dare i say....Season 1!? not as good but best since. Good stuff, may we thank the writer's strike for them to force the issue this season and give us no bullshit filler episodes. Maybe...who knows. Good Recap...see ya next season.